The Plasback program has been made possible through the support of local government. The participating councils have recognised the needs of their rural rate payers for a long term solution for the sustainable disposal of farm plastic waste. Participating councils help through making transfer stations available for the drop off of the waste and helping to fund the Plasback recycling collection.

Details of which transfer stations and what days silage wrap can be dropped are on this website under find a Drop Location. If your council isn't on the list, ask your council to contact Plasback for information on how to join the program.

For more information contact us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Regional Waste Management Groups
The Plasback program has been made possible in Victoria through the support of the following Victorian Regional Waste Management Groups who have been key partners in the refining and implementation of the Plasback program.

Barwon Regional Waste Management Group, Central Murray Regional Waste Management Group, Gippsland Regional Waste Management Group, NeverWaste, Resource GV, Waste Reduction Group

Plasback has been made possible in NSW through the support of the Regional Waste Groups: Mid Waste (north coast) & Southern Councils

Murray  Goulburn Trading

Murray Goulburn Trading have been active supporters of sustainable business practise for the rural sector and the Plasback program from inception, helping fund the Plasback recycling education program and making Plasback products available through their 24 stores.


Dairy Industry


Murray Goulburn Coop are a foundation sponor of Plasback. They were also a special sponsor of the pilot Plasback Penelope schools project in South West Victoria.

Fonterra were a sponsor of the Plasback Penelope schools project in South West Victoria.

Bega Cheese sponsor the Plasback program among their growers in the Bega Valley of NSW. Bega Cheese are working closely with the grower participants in their Bega Environment Management System (BEMS), to ensure a more sustainable dairy industry.

Dairy Action Group - farmers advocates from mid - north coast NSW

Dairy Industry Group - farmer advocates from south coast NSW

Dairy SA & Dairy NSW - regional farmer associations, encouraging their member farmers to participate in Plasback.



BPI are a UK company and the worlds leading supplier of silage wrap. BPI have an extensive product stewardship program and are committed to sustainable business practise. BPI.recycled products is the largest recycler of polyethylene in Europe with the capacity to recycle up to 70,000 tonnes per annum.

BPI are a major financial sponsor of the Plasback silage wrap recycling education program.



Trioplast is a Swedish Industry Group with a turnover of 400 million EUR and 1 300 employees. Trioplast is one of Europe’s leading forces in creative and cost-efficient use of polyethylene within the modern plastic and packaging fields.

Trioplast are a major financial sponsor of the Plasback silage wrap recycling education program.


Landcare Groups

Westernport CMA

Glenelg Hopkins CMA

Corangamite CMA

Southern Rivers CMA

Industry Groups

Plasback enjoys the sponsorship and support of AFIA, the Australian Fodder Industry Association

AFIA is committed to sustainable business practice in the fodder industry, encouraging its members to recycle through Plasback and hosting of the annual Plasback Sustainability Award

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