Silage Wrap and Pit Covers

Silage Wrap Recycling

An estimated  4,000 tonnes of silage wrap and 1,000 tons of silage pit covers are used on farm every year in Australia. The Plasback "Silage Wrap Only" recycling liner, now offers farmers a low cost option to recycle both silage wrap and silage pit covers. You should fit between 16 and 20 wraps in a Plasback liner. 

Using a Plasback bin (made from Tuffboard)

will help maximise the number of wraps you

get in each liner.


Recycling silage wrap is easy:

1. Separate the net, shake off excess silage and moisture    2. Roll the wrap into a football 


3. Push down tightly into a green Plasback liner                4. tie off when full and remove bin


 5. Stock pile (out of weather if possible)                       6. drop at local transfer station



Silage Pit Cover Recycling

Silage pit covers can only be accepted for drop off in a Plasback "Silage Wrap Only" green printed recycling liner.

The method outlined below maximises the amount you can get into a liner.  It is important to ensure loose silage has been shaken off the cover before folding. A pit cover section of up to 10m x 15m will fit in one Plasback liner once properly folded and rolled. see below.

 Clear silo stop liners can not be accepted at this stage.





10m section of Silage pit cover

Fold in Half

Fold in Half Again




Fold in Half Again

Rolled up silage pit cover

25kg section in liner


Plasback bins and liners can be purchased from Murray Goulburn Trading,  or any other progressive rural retailer.

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