Plasback Mobile Baler in Gippsland

New Mobile Baler Cleans Up                                                                                                     November 2012

Almost 20 tonnes of used silage wrap plastic, stored in Plasback recycling liners, were baled in Gippsland this month ready for shipment to Melbourne for recycling using a newly commissioned baler.

The Australian made Hydrapac baler was funded by Sustainability Victoria to assist with the Plasback product stewardship scheme. Plasback is an initiative from Tapex, a leading Australian distributor of crop protection plastics.  Tapex has the plastic collected recycled back into useful products such as Tuffboard, a durable, waterproof plywood replacement product used for stables, flood gates and milking sheds.

The baler is mounted on a tandem trailer with its own independent power source, which enables easy movement between collection points, such as council transfer stations. The baler compresses around 10 Plasback liner bags of silage wrap into one bale to facilitate economical transport to a plastics recycling plant.

Baler in action - Kilmany Transfer Station

Tapex’s Plasback product stewardship scheme provides an environmentally responsible recycling solution for farmers to dispose of used silage plastics. A twine recycling bag has also been introduced to enable recycling of baling twine – a different type of plastic ( polypropylene - PP) to that of silage wrap (linear low density polyethylene - LLDPE). The bags of twine are also baled for transport to a plastics recycler.

The Plasback recycling scheme has been developed over the past three years with the assistance of 27 Victorian councils, dairy companies, farmer and Landcare groups and Regional Waste Management Groups.

The Plasback scheme offers farmers an alternative to landfilling or, more importantly, illegally burning the plastic material.

The importance of the recycling project is highlighted by an industry estimate that over 5000 tonnes of used silage film and pit covers are discarded every year. Recycling enables this farm waste product to be made into a new resource using less oil, energy, water and generating less pollution than if made from virgin materials.

Tuffboard, recycled plastic sheeting, lining a calf pen, Maffra

Plasback silage and twine recycling liners can be purchased at Murray Goulburn, Elders, AIRR, CRT and Brown Wigg stores. For more information on the program and your nearest drop site, go to


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