Larger Scale Solutions

If you have an agri business that generates large quantities of plastic waste every year (over 5 tonne), contact our program manager Darrell Butler  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Plasback currently recycles twine, woven bag and film plastics from businesses such as Hay Exporters, Feed & Chaff mills and Composters in NSW, Vic, SA & WA. In most cases this service can be provided at no charge with an onsite pick up, saving the business money in tip fees and doing the right thing by the environment.


Wilson Stockfeeds in Tocumwal have been in the hay export business for over 20 years. And disposing of up to 50 ton of twine a year from big square bales has always presented an issue.

“We have pressed it and sold it occasionally when there has been demand, but the price fluctuates from year to year and it’s just not worth the trouble. Our business is exporting hay … not twine’ says Rod Wilson.  “So unfortunately the twine was going straight into the landfill skip.”

Rod became one of the first Hay exporters to join the new Plasback product stewardship scheme from Tapex. Plasback offers businesses such as Wilsons a cost and time effective method of dealing with a perennial problem, disposal of packaging plastics.

The Plasback provides bulka bags at no cost, which sit in a frame and are filled with up to 20kg of twine each. The bulka bags are swapped out when full (a 2 minute job) and then stacked up awaiting pick up by Plasback.

Rod says Plasback offers Wilson’s a long term environmentally sound disposal solution, plus a saving of thousands each year on skip rental and tip fees.

Recycled in Australia

“All the twine we collect through Plasback is reprocessed here in Australia through partner recyclers in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.” Says Darrell Butler, Environmental Manager for Tapex.

“We give the waste plastic new life by converting it into products like Tuffdeck, our non-slip, wet area modular grate system.”

So why has Tapex offered the Plasback solution to large scale operators?

“Tapex believe our business model must be sustainable if we are to continue to be Australia’s leading twine supplier. This means helping recycle our products again after use. We see it as our problem as well.”


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