Grain Tubes

Grain tubes can now be recycled as part of the Plasback program at designated Plasback drop off points. Grain Tubes can only be accepted for drop of in a Plasback "Silage Wrap Only" green printed recycling liner.

The method outlined below maximises the amount you can get into a liner. It is important to ensure loose grain has been shaken off the cover before folding. A grain tube section of up to 10m x 15mm will fit in one Plasback liner once properly folded and rolled. Approx 4 plasback bags will recycle one 75 meter long grain tube.

see below.


10m section of grain tube

Fold in Half

Fold in Half Again

Fold in Half Again

Rolled up grain tube

25kg section in liner


Plasback bins and liners can be purchased from Murray Goulburn Trading, AIRR stores or any other progressive rural retailer.

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