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The Plasback Solution

Over 100,000 tonnes of plastic goes onto Australian farms every year. Silage film, mulch film, grain bags, cotton wrap, bunker liners & covers, feed, seed & fertilizer bags, bulk bags, baling twine, bale net, vine covers, pallet wrap, drums, irrigation pipes, packaging ... the list is seemingly endless. Modern farming would be impossible without these plastics, but they leave an unwanted legacy. Very little of this plastic is recycled. Most of it is burnt, buried or accumulates on farm - becoming litter, blowing across the countryside, clogging the waterways, being ingested by stock and wildlife.

But a solution is at hand. Farmers who care, can recycle their silage wrap, pit covers and baling twine through Plasback. Plasback is simple, low cost and convenient. And the plastic collected is turned into useful products again - right here in Australia.

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